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Piano Services

Sterry Piano offers expert care for your piano throughout it’s lifetime and yours. Whether your piano needs repair, new key-tops, strings, an internal rebuild, to be refinished or tuned, or a complete restoration we can accommodate you.

Pay for a Piano Tuning

Tuning and Servicing

Tuning and servicing are often confused.  While tuning is a service, it is specific to maintaining even, uniform tension on all your strings.  Regular piano tuning is essential to the proper care of your instrument.  It is recommended that you tune your piano every six months, as w..


Soundboard Repair

Soundboards will crack when exposed to excessive humidity and neglect. If a piano is played often the over-all tension on the strings remains even. By playing your piano and having it tuned twice each year you can avoid this expensive repair. Soundboards can come unglued from the piano rim and fr..


Plate Repair and Refitting

Cast Iron plates can weigh 300 to 600 pounds. They are heavy, awkward and difficult to remove and install. After removing sediments, oils, and old wax the plate, Sterry Piano will clean, sand and resurface to plate. Three coats of gold dust suspended in clear lacquer are carefully applied to all ..


Bridge Repair

Once the plate is removed from your grand piano the sound board and bridges are exposed for repair as needed. Bridges crack when a soundboard swells from moisture and when string tension increases especially on the ends (upper treble and bass) from infrequent tuning and sporadic playing. We suggest ..


Key Repair and Leveling

Ivory key repair is a dying art. Whether your piano needs a new set of key tops or a few repaired, Sterry Piano in St. Augustine is the shop to call. Keys are leveled up and down and side to side. Paper punchings measured in thousandths of an inch are added or subtracted to bring all 88 keys leve..


Action Repair

An action (whether upright or grand) consists of over 4000 working parts not including the keys, strings or any other parts. Most of these are wool felts and bushings that are highly susceptible to moisture, moth and roach infestation, (see Piano Doctor article: Roaches, Rodents and Rugrats). In add..


Replacing the Pinblock

Pinblocks are made of many cross-grained laminations of rock maple and look similar to very thick plywood. Over time, with the aid of moisture pinblock laminations can separate causing pins to slip. Another common problem (or nightmare) is when the round holes in the pinblock become elongated (or ov..


Soundboard Decals

Decals come either press-on or varnish transfer. The varnish transfer decal is inverted. Every minute detail of the varnish decal is hand painted with extra-thick (old/cured) varnish. Once the varnish is barely tacky... i.e., it will barely stick to the hairs on the end of your nose... the decal ..

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