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Tips from the Piano Doctor

Buying a piano

Choosing the right piano can be a difficult process. There are so many types, sizes and price ranges - where does one begin? There is no one solution to everyone's specific need; I will, however, attempt to address a few common situations.

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The Advantages of Owning a Piano

There are many advantages to owning an acoustic piano rather than purchasing an electronic keyboard. Here's our half-dozen.

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Piano Moisture: Lesson 1

During my past two years of piano servicing in St. Augustine, I have become increasingly aware of the naivety of our community with regard to proper care for one's valuable asset. A well-built piano, regularly serviced and properly cared for, can last in excess of 100 years and actually increases in value. It is my intention to share with each of you many ways to help you preserve that investment.

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Piano Moisture: Lesson 2 - Preventive Maintenance

Moisture is the single most destructive element affecting a piano. What cas we do to prevent moisture related damage?

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Roaches, Rodents and Rug Rats

Besides moisture, with which we have dealt with in earlier columns, there are many foes of the helpless pianoforte.

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Does My Piano Need Tuning?

Regular servicing of one's instrument, including biannual tunings, is a must in order to maintain your investment. Finding a proper technician who is capable of both tuning and repairs, is as important to your piano as finding the right dentist is for your teeth

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Piano Tuning: Facts and Myths

The following are questions I have heard many times. While some concerns are valid many people are misinformed. It is my hope to put to ease your questions and fears concerning the need for tuning your piano and what you can do to keep your piano in-tune longer.

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Tuning vs Servicing Pianos

Tuning and Servicing can often be mistaken. While tuning is a service offered it is specific to maintaining even, uniform tension on all your strings. Servicing is the act of effecting repairs to the remainder of the piano, its case parts, soundboard, bridges, action and keys, etc., but can include installing new strings.

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Common Questions and Concerns about Buying a Piano

Buying a Piano is an important decision. Several thoughts to remember: A piano is aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that adds to the decor of your home without unsightly cords. Pianos are assets that most families will pass down to their children. They offer a full spectrum of volume from ppp to fff and a full range of touch from whole notes to 64th notes. Pianos have very sensitive keys that will develop strength and touch in the artists fingers. Best of all, pianos are real instruments with strings that produce quality tone and round waves that are pleasing to the ear.

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