Sterry Piano offers music lessons that feature a wide range of study possibilities. Your instructor will prepare a course of study that is tailored to your specific goals. Whatever your interest may be, we have an offering that will satisfy your musical desires:


Students will learn the classics from such masters of composition as Bach and Beethoven.


From John Lennon classics to the latest Top 40 Hits, students are engaged in an exciting course of study as they develop their musical skills.

Chord/Lead Sheet Study

Learn to identify the essential melody of a song and improvise the rest of it from there. Students have the opportunity to apply their own unique style to the tune and gain confidence as their experimentations delight their audiences.


Learn how the language of music works by studying its notation. Everything from rhythm to melody is covered as students progress with a new understanding of what makes music so powerful.

Performance Readiness

Become prepared to present your musical skills before a live audience. Discover strategies to minimize performance anxiety and perform at an optimal level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced performer, our instructors can help you to improve your live performances.

Mentoring Senior Projects

Got a Senior Project that requires a professional mentor? Look no further than our experienced instructors. You can expect expert advice and guidance as you accomplish your academic objectives.

College Tutoring Classes

Need a musical expert? Our instructors can aid your academic progress by providing private lessons in a one-on-one learning environment that would otherwise be difficult to find in a traditional classroom setting. With this individualized attention, students on average improve their knowledge and skills much more quickly than they would without professional tutoring. Don’t risk your academic record. Sign up for your tutor today!

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