Key Repair and Leveling

Ivory key repair is a dying art. Whether your piano needs a new set of key tops or a few repaired, Sterry Piano in St. Augustine is the shop to call.

Keys are leveled up and down and side to side. Paper punchings measured in thousandths of an inch are added or subtracted to bring all 88 keys level prior to regulating the action. A keys height and dip are very specific and must be maintained for your action to play properly.

Regulation is the systematic sequencing of 17 consecutive adjustments for each of the 88 keys. A regulation takes one to two days and may usually be performed in your home.

In the video, Frederic “Ric” Sterry Smith and his trained technicians go through the key repair and leveling process. (1, 2) Leveling Grand keys (3) Missing and chipped ivory key tops. (4) Trimming Keys. (5) Ivory key repair (6) Action and Ivory Key repair. (7, 8) Leveling grand keys

Want to see more?  See key repair on these fine instruments: 

Chickering  ||  1915 Steinway  ||  Steinway “M” Grand.

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