Pinblock Replacement

Pinblocks are made of many cross-grained laminations of rock maple and look similar to very thick plywood. Over time, with the aid of moisture pinblock laminations can separate causing pins to slip. Another common problem (or nightmare) is when the round holes in the pinblock become elongated (or oval) by an ill-trained piano tuner. Once either of these problems is found the only option is to remove the plate exposing the pinblock. Using the old pinblock as a guide a new pinblock can be carefully fashioned, drilled to match the original then re-installed into your piano.

In the case of this W. W. Kimball grand piano restoration, a new pinblock was required.

Side by side, the new pinblock sits next to the original (1).  The new block is drilled (2) and is now ready to be installed (3).  A close-up of the beautiful Kimball soundboard decal alongside the newly-installed pinblock, signed “Restoration Sterry Piano Co.” (4)

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