Tuning and Service

Tips from the Piano Doctor. Piano sales, service and restoration by Ric Sterry Smith, owner of Sterry Piano, St. Augustine Florida.

Tuning and servicing are often confused.

While tuning is a service, it is specific to maintaining even, uniform tension on all your strings.  Regular piano tuning is essential to the proper care of your instrument.  It is recommended that you tune your piano every six months, as well as after a move. Fall and Spring are ideal times for this service.


This is especially more important if you do not play your piano regularly. To the untrained ear, octaves may appear to be in tune with each other. Unisons may even be close when actually the ends are going flat necessitating pitch raising or expensive repairs.

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Other Services

Is your instrument not playing as it should?

We can provide almost any needed service, including a full restoration of your instrument.  We have over a quarter century of experience and a staff of trained professionals who will perform wonders on your piano.  Please browse our galleries of photos from past projects, or call us today to talk about what we can do for you!

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